How to Travel with Just a Carry-On

I’m usually such an over-packer. I actually broke my suitcase packing for England when I went over there to study abroad. But once, I went to Italy for a couple days and only brought a backpack. I’m still not sure how I did it–but here are some ideas. First, check the airline requirements and limits. That way you can pick the right bag, and hopefully have enough room. When it comes to clothes, a lot of things are re-wearable. You probably only need to pack one pair of jeans and one pair of leggings plus maybe two t-shirts. Don’t skimp … Continue reading How to Travel with Just a Carry-On

Tips for Studying Abroad

It’s been almost 2 years since I came back from England. I had once-in-a-lifetime experience spending a spring there, and I may even move there. But to those who are thinking about studying in a foreign country, I have some tips. Don’t back out! You must do it. It’ll be the best experience you’ve had–or you’ll learn a lot about yourself and what you can do. It’s practice for taking care of yourself in the future. We all have to adult sometime right? Though I’m still bad at it, it definitely taught me more about grocery shopping, cooking, and planning … Continue reading Tips for Studying Abroad

Easter Celebrations Around the World

Happy Easter everyone! Today, Christians celebrate Jesus rising from the dead and thus granting us eternal salvation. In America, we tend to go to church, give kids Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts, eat candy, and dye eggs. But I was wondering how the rest of the world celebrates this special holiday. Italy–Scoppio Del Carro, “Explosion of the Cart.” In Florence, residents watch a very old cart explode in fireworks for good luck for the year. Latin America–The Burning of Judas. In the same theme of fire, some Latin Americans find statues of the Betrayer and watch hi m go … Continue reading Easter Celebrations Around the World

Overrated Cities

Last week, I talked about some underrated gems to visit. So, now, naturally, I’m going to give you a list of some overrated places that people talk about but really aren’t that great. Paris, France. When I went here with my parents, it was a bit underwhelming. The best part was The Louvre, but everyone was obsessed with the Mona Lisa and ignored all the other amazing paintings there. Besides that and the Eiffel Tower, there wasn’t much there. The streets were dirty and the people were rude, to be frank. If I ever went back, though, I would love … Continue reading Overrated Cities

Underrated Cities of the World

Amidst the endless dialogue and references to famous places like Paris, Rome, New York, and L.A., maybe it’s time to look to some cities in the world that are a bit more underappreciated. Philadelphia. Located in Pennsylvania, USA. I went here on a school trip in eighth grade so we could appreciate the history of the birth of our nation’s independence and marvel at the battle monuments of the Civil War. But, Philly is beautiful and amazing, in addition to it’s historical relevance. One of the most famous attractions is the Liberty Bell with a huge crack down it so … Continue reading Underrated Cities of the World

Top Destinations for Summer

We are probably all getting sick of this cold weather. I know I am. Last week, I wrote about the best destinations to go for the remainder of winter. But now I want to look ahead–where is it good to go when things start heating up? Bora Bora A famous island in the French Polynesia, Bora Bora is surrounded by water bluer than you’ve ever seen. You can stay in a bungalow by a coral reef, relax on the beach, and be close to a big volcano–don’t worry it’s dormant. 2. Portland, Oregon, USA This large eco-friendly city is a … Continue reading Top Destinations for Summer

Top Destinations for Winter

Lake Tahoe, California, USA There is a beautiful large old mountain lake in the west. There is always some festivity going on here, be it performers or some other festival. Divided into North and South, the lake area offers beaches, ski resorts, and hiking trails. 2. Svalbard, Norway This is an archipelago between the Norway mainland and the North Pole. It’s full of winter beauty including glaciers, arctic animals, and the Aurora Borealis. 3. Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan In the valley of the Yokoyu River, this park features many a snow monkey bathing in hot springs and playing with each … Continue reading Top Destinations for Winter